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Canada Travel Tips on Gear and Packing

Wondering what to pack for your Canadian visit? Make sure that you have the following gears on hand:
1. Backpack
Choose something comfy, light, but has plenty of space for your essentials and other things. Invest in something that will fit a lot of things and still fit on the plane’s overhead bin.
2. Clothes
Choose your clothes according to the activities you intend to do and depending on the weather of the destination. It is advisable to pack some casual wear and attire that you can use at formal venues. Make sure that you have swimming clothes and suits, hiking gear…

Recommended Road Trips in British Columbia

British Columbia is perfect for those in search of memorable road trips. This destination has something to offer, from wildlife, backcountry communities, to scenic landscapes.
Here are some of the road trips you can take while here:
1. Route 97
This is known as the longest continuous highway from north to south. Route 97 will take you from the US border to Watson Lake. During the trip, you will pass by the wine country known as Okanagan. You can go ahead and explore the Watson Lake as you go.
The roadside offers a bountiful view or the wildlife, from bears, moose, elk, and bison. You can also …