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The application for a Canadian working holiday visa is a straightforward process. If you are from different nations, there may be some similarities, but it is best to check your country’s regulation about the agreement.

To be eligible for a Canadian working holiday visa, you must comply with the following:

  • You must be between the ages of 18 to 30 from the date when you made the application.
  • You need to be a UK citizen or have resided in the country for at least three years before making the application.
  • You need to bear a valid UK passport.
  • You need to show proofs that you have enough funds to spend for the first three months of your stay in Canada. This is usually at $1,000 CAD per month.
  • You need to show proofs of health insurance coverage and repatriation valid during your stay in the country.

Apply for your ACPO Police Certificate. Answer all queries honestly to increase your chances of getting approved. The process typically takes about two weeks.

To apply for an ACPO police certificate, you need to register your email address on the IEC website. You will then be emailed details of the other things you need to accomplish and other details you need to divulge.

Complete the application and send to the Canadian embassy in your country.


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