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While in this foreign country, there are somethings that you need to know that might save your life and prevent any compromising situations. They include:

1. Know the weather

Different areas in Canada have varying temperatures. Therefore, it is important to check beforehand so that you know what clothes to pack. Wintertime in different cities, such as Winnipeg and Vancouver, vary in terms of coldness. Always prepare a good waterproof jacket, woollen accessories, and snow boots when visiting during the cold season.

2. You need a visa upon arrival

It is important to remember that you need an electronic travel authorization to enter Canada. You can purchase this online prior to your arrival and this usually doesn’t cost a lot.

3. Be alert about petty crimes

Petty crimes happen even in an advanced country, like Canada. It is recommended not to leave essential belongings in your hotel rooms. Always keep your valuables in sight, and be careful all the time, especially when you decide to explore places on your own.

4. Be careful about the wildlife

While you will be amazed at the wildlife in this country, never get too close to them. When you visit national parks, keep your distant especially with animals you are unfamiliar with.

Geraldine Overbeck

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